Improve care outcomes and exceed your revenue goals

Focus on what you do best and get paid very well.

Gain a strategic growth partner and leave your competition in the dust.

The best partnerships start with good people who support your mission.

We know the relationships with your clients and their families are the cornerstone of your business. Our mission is to support those relationships and help you take your business to the next level.


We make long term care insurance the payor who works for you

While some providers accept assignment of benefits (AOBs) and do bill private LTC insurers, the status quo leaves policyholders to self-manage the approval process beforehand. More often than not, that means the company's one-sided assessment process has already forced policyholders to agree to care level & reimbursement determinations. In turn, both policyholders and providers have unwittingly given up tens of thousands of dollars in annual reimbursement. To add insult to injury, the process is drawn out and cheats them out of several months' worth of benefits.

In addition, nearly every policy has valuable hidden benefits that don't meet the naked eye. The insurer won't reveal them, and if a policyholder is lucky enough to spot them, they typically do not have the means to enforce the insurer's legal obligations. All of this results in policyholders having less disposable funds to pay you with, which forces them to make tough decisions on care costs.

Insurers' systems often feel like a rigged game. They prey on making sure policyholders and providers "don't know what they don't know." They even boast about it in their financial disclosures.

We call the status quo "working for the insurer." With LTCAE, we disrupt that model and put policyholders and providers out front and ahead of the curve. Why work for the insurer when they will work for you?

Why every provider should manage LTCi claims

Our policyholder-only services are for families who choose a caregiver who doesn't already use us. They get to shop around, choose their favorite provider, and we do all the rest.

Why would a business use our services instead of having policyholders and their families hire us? Simple. You're able to distinguish yourself in your market as a provider who's a cut above the rest. You can market and advertise yourself as a provider who handles claims from end to end. We'll do all the work behind the scenes, acting as an extension of your business, while you get to claim all the credit.

It also allows you to speed up the client acquisition process and make sales conversions faster. After you receive a call, email, or have a visit from a policyholder, we'll work to swiftly to pre-qualify coverage. We then give you a comprehensive report that you can present to the prospective client and match your services to their coverage.

LTCAE is more than a claims management company. We're also your growth partner. If you need help getting the word out, we'll share our ideas and help you out for free.

Caregiver control powered by legal leverage

The new legal frontier surrounding long term care allows us to reduce insurer influence on care and payment levels, putting those decisions in the right hands: those of clients & providers. Secure and speed up approvals, free yourself from the currently one-sided claims process, and focus on what you do best. There's no better time than now to embrace the cutting edge and grow both per-client and overall revenue.

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Clients have a vested interest in you paying you well

No one wants a caregiver who struggles to get by on a substandard salary, yet families don't want to get stuck with crippling out-of-pocket costs. They also want to build personal relationships with their caregivers and don't like experiencing high turnover. When policyholders bought their coverage, they were promised high-quality care. We hold them to that promise.

With 100% claim management, you get paid in full for the high quality of care. Families' costs are either eliminated or dramatically reduced. When we unlock policy maximums, both providers and policyholders win.

Provide a familiar process

People are familiar with how they present their health insurance information to their primary care professionals. LTC insurers have spent decades preventing caregivers from being able to easily process LTCi in the same way.

We're turning the tables and putting you in control. From the client-facing perspective, we allow you to offer a substantially similar process. We manage all the details and everyone knows what will be covered ahead of time.

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Pre-qualified clients make faster buying decisions

Our pre-sales benefit analysis allows you to present your care options and easily explain what insurance will cover. LTCi was marketed as "Cadillac Coverage" to pay for premium care. We let you sell the Cadillac at full price, with insurers footing the bill. No more getting underpaid and leaving clients with tough financial decisions.

We reduce financial barriers to purchasing decisions. When barriers are removed, people consistently buy more because they have nothing to worry about. Give your prospective clients the gift of pre-qualification, and speed up your new business acquisition time.

Reduce marketing spend while getting high quality leads

Well-qualified referrals beat advertising and sales campaigns every time. Accepting insurance and managing claims from end-to-end is the ultimate tool for making you the provider of choice in your market.

When you use LTCAE, you unlock four unique referral channels. Want to find out how? Just reach out!

Since LTCAE doesn't charge providers setup on ongoing fees, no other marketing tool gives you better or more measurable ROI.


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We save you time and infuse consistent revenue.

We complement your existing billing practices and improve A/R cycles. We collaborate with your team or third-party biller and make their job easier. When a policy doesn't cover all costs, you'll immediately know what the client is responsible for so that no bills go unpaid.


Far beyond Assignment of Benefits

If you're already accepting direct payments from insurers, you're familiar with assignment. But if you're only accepting the AOBs, you could be letting insurers decide how much you're getting paid before you even submit an invoice. Care rate appeals are difficult and time-intensive to appeal, so getting them right the first time reduces uncertainty.

With LTCAE, assignment, invoice submission, and collection is the last step - after securing pay rate and after resolving any disputes or delays.


Beat inflation & establish new rates

Last year, insurers raised payments 10 cents per hour. We increase payments by dollars per hour - not cents. From beating inflation to increasing caregiver pay, insurers foot the bill with LTCAE claim management.

Rarely can policyholders acting alone influence billing rates. We can by getting out in front of their determinations. Re-define what's "customary" and don't miss out on the opportunity to improve per-client revenue right now.

A better payor mix improves recruitment & retention

Recruitment & retention challenges plague the LTC industry. Nothing improves employee satisfaction and recruitment more than your ability to pay higher wages. Policyholders paid premiums for years and were promised reimbursement for a high level of service. In turn, you deserve the right to provide it and be fairly paid.

When we unlock policy maximums, your profits go up and you have the option to increase billing rates. We've seen providers improve their payor mix from 12% LTCi to over 40%!

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Improve care outcomes & client satisfaction

Well-funded care is high-quality care. Clients and providers both win.