We make insurers keep their promises and treat families with the dignity they deserve.

The time for long term care presents many challenges. Getting your insurance company to pay the bills shouldn't be one of them.

Families deserve the right to make their own care decisions and know that their claims will be approved in full and without delay. 

Our services & compassionate staff do exactly that and give families the gift of peace of mind.

Pre-qualification & Verification of Benefits

Don't trust your insurer to tell you whether you qualify for benefits or how much money you deserve. We'll give you upfront, honest answers. No more needing to spend hours on the phone.

Comprehensive Coverage Guidance

To allow your providers to offer care services that match your coverage, we create a comprehensive, easy-to-read report outlining the benefits and services you qualify for.

Registered Nurse Navigation

Our in-house nurse navigators speak the language of providers and communicate with them on your behalf to ensure we have the best documentation for your claim.

Assessment Planning & Preparation

Insurers' in-person assessments are a one-sided process designed to minimize your care needs. We make you a plan with the information you need so that the assessor's role is to verify your provider's decisions; not ignore them and decide your care needs on their own.

Billing, Collection, & Payment Reconciliation

We bill insurers at the maximum your policy allows for, collect payments, and ensure they're paying every dollar.

Clean, Complete, & Compelling Claim Submissions

We strive to submit the most complete, error-free claims that leave nothing open to interpretation by claims handlers. Our submissions unlock policy maximums and expedite approval.

Continuous Coverage

Insurers have admitted that they often shock-stop payments for no reason and leave policyholders to appeal and fend for themselves. We prevent payment interruption and keep your claim paying.

Delay, Denial, & Dispute Resolution

Self-managed claims are routinely delayed or denied outright. With professional claim management, we monitor every claim, keep it on track, and quickly resolve potential disputes.

Unlimited Recertifications

When care needs change, the claims process starts all over. At no cost to you, we'll swiftly handle the process and ensure a streamlined transition without you having to put in the work.

Whatever it takes. We're with you all the way.

That's why we're The Long Term Care Advocacy Experts - LTCAE.