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In 2018, I launched LTCAE (the Long Term Care Advocacy Experts). Our mission is to conveniently expedite and maximize reimbursement for Long Term Care insurance policyholders and their families. We believe that families and care providers, not insurers, have the right to direct their own care to recover reimbursement to the maximum extent of their policy. We also believe that policyholders have a right to swift and un-interrupted payment. All too often, families are unaware of an incredible array of technical and financial strategies available to ethically maximize reimbursement and they unknowingly leave substantial money on the table. Without effective advocates, families will always be at a significant disadvantage.
Originally from Iowa, I am an experienced healthcare attorney living in Scottsdale, AZ. Prior to starting a private practice in 2013, I was a senior regulatory consultant for Banner Health, Arizona's largest employer and a non-profit network of 30 hospitals across the Western U.S. Over my years of practice, I became intimately familiar with the incredible barriers to reimbursement that LTC insurance policyholders and their families face. Everyone knows how hard health insurance can be to navigate, but fewer understand why and how LTC insurance claims is so much more difficult.
Recent years have seen revelations of widespread financial mismanagement unique to the LTC insurance industry. To deflect blame, distract from their misdeeds and shortcomings, and to justify deceptive reimbursement minimization tactics, insurers continue to push the narrative that they "mis-priced" policies for 30 years. I believe that pricing and value lie in the eyes of the beholder. The insurer is the house who made a bet it wishes policyholders would forget about. In my eyes, the house made the rules and the house can and will pay. Even if that means holding their hand, watching their every move, and auditing every payout.
In my quest to do right by policyholders, I quickly realized that a law firm model is not best suited to compassionately and efficiently manage LTC claims. Attorneys are experts in making compelling arguments and following through on demands. They can also be good at training and supervising staff. But a lawsuit-first approach to LTC insurance claims is often the equivalent of using a sledgehammer when precision instruments can get the job done better. Let's face it: your care providers would rather work with a nurse.
Our compassionate and experienced staff work hands-on with families and care providers to make sure all care needs and expenses are substantiated by clean and properly coded documentation. I train and direct our staff on the legal aspects of contract interpretation and compliance. The results are complete, persuasive, and ethically maximized claims leading to swift approval and uninterrupted payment.
Our goal is not to antagonize insurers. Instead, it’s to gain cooperation and compel compliance by acting within the bounds of the law, regulatory ethics, and our model of integrity. It’s our way of giving power to the policyholder and providing peace of mind.



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Our commitment to you

Our Commitment to You

At LTCAE, we value integrity, honesty, respect, and compassion above all else. We work for individuals and their families: never corporate interests. We do not sell insurance products, we are not a law or accounting firm, and we are not a medical practice. We succeed only when our clients do first and our actions are always aligned with their best financial interests. At our heart, we are a consumer protection agency and our single most important job is to protect you and your family so that you can enjoy life!