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No other insurance claims process is so complex and so designed to deceive and confuse, to discourage and delay, and to make full and timely reimbursement so challenging and burdensome for consumers!

"You paid your dues as a loyal policy holder. It's time for your insurance company to treat you with the dignity you deserve. We make sure they do."

– Eric M. Salter, President & General Counsel

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Streamline Claim Submissions

We save you time, hassle, and inconvenience by efficiently coordinating with care providers to submit the most compelling claims possible.

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We cut delays and specialize in reversing wrongful denials.

Maximize Reimbursement Dollars

We elevate reimbursement payments to the highest level allowed under your policy.

Expedited Reimbursement Collection

After approval, the next step is getting you paid. We expedite payment collection and hold insurers accountable for every dollar.

Claim Monitoring

We analyze every ongoing claim for both underpayment and over-billing and reconcile any discrepancies, providing you peace of mind.

Denial Prevention

When your care needs change, we quickly assemble and submit new claims custom tailored to eliminate delays, prevent denials, and gain quick approval.

Our commitment to you

Our Commitment to You

Here at LTCAE, we value integrity, honesty, dignity, respect, and compassion above all else. We work for individuals and their families: never corporate interests. We do not sell products, we are not a law or accounting firm, and we are not a medical practice. We are family owned and family operated and take enormous pride in our sincere ability to deliver incredible value to our clients and ease the heavy burdens of the LTCi claims process. At our heart, we are a consumer protection agency and our single most important job is to protect you and your family and let you to enjoy life!



I am an experienced health care attorney and am passionate about protecting consumers and families. I deeply understand insurance contract enforcement, claim appeals, claim collections, and always strive to do what’s right for anyone I’m fortunate enough to serve.

Over the years, I realized that the traditional law firm model is not always best suited to compassionately and efficiently manage LTC claims and collections on behalf of policyholders. Unlike typical health care claims for a specific procedure or medication, LTC needs are continuous and ongoing. Each claim must vigilantly be monitored on a month-to-month basis to ensure that adjustments are made to match the changing needs of each policyholder. This requires a great deal of coordination with health care providers to ensure that claims are quickly approved and are not hobbled by wrongful denials or delays.

Attorneys are experts in making compelling arguments and demands for claim approval and proper reimbursement. However, nurses are far better suited to understand the unique care needs of policyholders and their families. In turn, they’re usually better at communicating with health care providers to ensure that documentation accurately reflects what policyholders need. Let’s face it: providers would rather collaborate with nurses than attorneys.

Our team combines over 100 years of nursing experience, 40 years of medical billing expertise, 20 years of professional educating, and a decade of health care law experience. Our multi-disciplinary team makes us not only more efficient and effective, but also more affordable. It’s why we say that we’re the cure to your Long Term Care insurance claim worries.

Please feel free to schedule a free consultation at a time most convenient to you. If you have questions regarding Long Term Care insurance claims, we’re happy to provide answers.

Eric Salter

Why Are LTC Insurers Delaying and Denying Claims?

For three decades, insurers sold millions of robust, comprehensive, value-packed LTC policies at artificially low, extremely attractive premiums. Business was booming, cash was king, and executives were showered with praise and bonuses. Companies were so enamored with their astronomical profits that they refused to plan for the future and reserve adequate funds to pay for claims and keep the policies viable. They also ignored grave warnings from alarmed government auditors and economists.

The stage was set for a market collapse and now we are experiencing the largest insurance claims crisis of the century. Policyholders need to make claims and receive the full benefits their policies entitle them to, but insurers are refusing to pay out because the policies are no longer profitable. Endless delays, wrongful denials, and late/underpaid claims are now the reality. Insurers’ end goal is as shameful as it is simple: to so severely frustrate, humiliate, burden, and mislead their vulnerable policyholders to the point they simply give up and are needlessly forced to pay out-of-pocket. These truths continue to emerge in countless court cases, high-profile investigative reports, and in government regulator reports.

Fortunately, the promises made in your policy are still valid and legally enforceable. We are never deterred by insurers delay and deny tactics and relentlessly follow-up and persevere on your behalf. It’s always our goal to transform swift approval and maximum reimbursement from impossible to inevitable!


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