Ethically Expedite and Maximize Long Term Care Insurance Reimbursement

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THE LONG TERM CARE ADVOCACY EXPERTS MAXIMIZE insurance reimbursement. EXPEDITE payments. Both the message and the messenger count.

Unlock the full value of your LTC insurance policy with ease. Claims approved or your money back. Take control and get paid in full.

Long Term Care insurance was a very wise investment. It's also become the most under-reimbursed type of insurance in existence. With LTCAE, we make sure you don't leave money on the table.

We hold insurers accountable to policholders and their families. Every claim. Every time. Plain and simple.

No other insurance claims process is so complex and so designed derail reimbursement at every turn. We turn the tables and put you on an even playing field.

"You paid your dues as a loyal policyholder. Your care team should be deciding the services you need. Not your insurer."

– Eric M. Salter, Founder & General Counsel

Get approved faster.

Maximize reimbursement dollars.

Live life on your terms.

Average annual cost for home health services


Average annual nursing home cost


Percent of people over age 65 who will need long term care at some point in life


Number of people turning 65 every day

Percent of LTC insurance claims lasting longer than one year


Exceptional Service. Extraordinary Compassion. Remarkable Value.

Appeal and Reverse Denials

Have a claim that's already been denied? Our legally trained appeals team knows how to win and get you paid.

Document Substantiated Claims

Our experienced nurses collaborate with your care providers to get exactly right documentation. Every time.

Denial Prevention

Insurers' scrutinize every claim for the slightest opportunity to deny payment. Our clean & complete claims by pass delays and denials.

Maximize Reimbursement Dollars

We craft the most legally compelling claims to ethically maximize reimbursement.

Expedited Reimbursement Collection

We don't stop at claim approval. We know how to consistently motivate insurers to make payment fast and keep payment coming every month.

Claim Monitoring

We monitor claim handlers activities and quickly intervene to resolve any issues.

Do any of these hassles sound familiar? Schedule a FREE consultation and regain your peace of mind!

Unanswered or unreturned phone calls?

Being placed on hold or shuffled from employee to employee?

Being told the documents you sent were never received?

Requests to submit documentation you’ve already provided?

Getting stonewalled and disrepected when you ask questions?

Wondering if you received every dollar you could get?

Our team puts an end to inconvenience and puts you in control.